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Gattacus IT Solutions offers expert computer network installation, integration, and maintenance services, providing businesses with optimal returns on their technology investments. Our network professionals specialize in designing, integrating, and implementing efficient, reliable, and productive networks. We work closely with our clients on-site to identify and address their unique network requirements, offering strategic insights into network infrastructure, architecture, security, and connectivity to help ensure the highest level of performance. Our services are designed to provide businesses with dependable and predictable networks available 24/7. You can rely on us for unparalleled network services that optimize your technology investments.


Gattacus delivers superior IT support services to our clients, offering a helpdesk as a service. Customers can access our fully staffed IT support center that operates round the clock or during business hours, based on their unique requirements. We offer 24/7 system monitoring and real-time alert notifications, ensuring the timely resolution of any issues. Our certified IT experts are just a phone call away and can provide immediate remote support for your needs. Our helpdesk is staffed 24/7/365, ensuring you receive the support you require when you need it. Our remote support capabilities enable us to diagnose and fix problems instantaneously, with over 95% of our client's issues resolved within one hour of their initial call. This response time translates to minimized downtime, reduced frustration, and improved productivity for your business or organization.

Data backups are crucial for safeguarding important information and ensuring business continuity in the face of data loss, corruption, or other catastrophic events. Backups are copies of data stored in a secure location and can be used to restore the original data in the event of data loss. Without backups, businesses may suffer significant financial losses and irreparable reputational damage due to data loss or breaches. Backups can help prevent these situations and provide peace of mind for businesses, ensuring that their critical data is protected and that they can quickly and effectively restore their data in the event of a disaster. Gattacus provides customers with a customized data backup and disaster recovery plan. We can provide backup services for your critical data, regardless if it exists on a server in the office or in a cloud environment. We have solutions that can meet your data backup needs, irrespective of the volume of data. We can ensure your company meets internal data backup policies and any relevant laws and procedures you may be required to follow.


Gattacus IT Solutions offers comprehensive mail solution services tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. With extensive expertise in a range of email solutions, including Microsoft 365, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange, we are equipped to provide our clients with design, implementation, support, and maintenance services with various mail and collaboration platforms. Our team of professionals has a proven track record of successfully migrating clients from outdated mail solutions to the latest cloud platforms, resulting in significant cost savings and eliminating business capital expenses. We take a customized approach with each client, working closely to understand their unique needs, requirements, and budget constraints in order to recommend the most suitable and effective system.


In today's digital age, having a website is essential to any successful business. A website serves as a vital tool for promoting a company's brand, products, and services and provides a platform for connecting with customers and generating leads. It allows businesses to establish their online presence and showcase their expertise, thereby increasing their credibility and visibility. Moreover, a well-designed website can improve the user experience for customers, providing them with easy access to information about the company and its offerings. Ultimately, having a website enables companies to stay competitive in the modern marketplace and reach a wider audience, making it a crucial investment for any business looking to thrive in today's fast-paced digital world. Gattacus IT Solutions works with clients to provide the expertise they need to establish or grow their digital footprint on the web and help connect them with customers and clients.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a technology that allows users to make phone calls over the internet rather than through traditional telephone lines. VOIP offers several benefits, making it an attractive option for businesses. Firstly, VOIP is generally less expensive than traditional phone systems, offering cost savings on both domestic and international calls. Additionally, VOIP provides greater flexibility and mobility, allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. VOIP also offers a wide range of features, including call forwarding, voicemail, and video conferencing, enabling businesses to increase productivity and streamline communication. Gattacus IT Solutions has partnered with some of the best telephony providers in the area. Through these partnerships, we offer cloud-based and hybrid VOIP systems to replace traditional office phone systems. This results in increased features and functionality for our customers and significant cost savings on their monthly phone bills. We can provide VOIP systems for offices with as few as five users and scale as large as the customer requires.

Businesses can benefit significantly from using Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud products. SaaS is a cloud computing model that allows users to access software applications over the internet rather than having to install and maintain them locally. One key benefit of cloud products for businesses is cost savings, as they eliminate the need for expensive hardware and software investments, maintenance, and upgrades. Additionally,  cloud products offer greater flexibility and scalability, allowing small businesses to quickly and easily scale their usage up or down based on their needs. Although cloud products are not the answer in every situation, Gattacus IT solutions work with clients to determine if certain cloud platforms fit their IT infrastructure. Migration to cloud systems helps reduce capital expenses and overall costs to your business while also significantly increasing security in most cases.

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